I've said before that every craftsman searches for what's not there to practice his craft. A builder looks for the rotten hole where the roof caved in. A water carrier picks the empty pot. A carpenter stops at the house with no door.Workers rush toward some hint of emptiness, which they then start to fill.              Rumi


To create, I feel, is part of being human. To unlock in the makingness, the messiness. To answer an invitation to play, to work together, to be curious. This is the spirit I work to hold for those who want to be a part of workshops I share. I’ve had the luck and joy of sharing craft for more than the last decade- from starting and running the job training programs and public workshops at the Rebuilding Exchange in Chicago, Illinois, to leading women-centered builds around the Midwest and in Thailand, as well as sharing the crafts that I practice everyday: broom-making, green woodworking, coopering. Welcome to my 2019 teaching schedule. I’ve wanted to add a kid-led build to my programming for quite some time, and here it is, through partnering with the bear creek land trust near LaPlata, Missouri! Come out and play with me!


Sacred Summer Camp & Banya Build:

Calling all fabulous & fierce women | Yes You! | Near Berea, Kentucky June 30 - July 18, 2019

YES YOU! This Sacred Summer Camp & Banya Build is an opportunity to share space among other fabulous & fierce women in the woods, eat from the land, work with our hands, sleep under the stars, get dirty, engage in ritual & play together in a rejuvenating & nurturing environment here on Clear Creek.

The camp will be centered on the ground-up process to build a banya on the land that will serve as a sauna and sacred space at Clear Creek for years to come. Cynthia Main, an artist & builder currently living in Berea, will lead the build and Carrie will facilitate "camp," collaborating with everyone who comes to create & hold the experience together. No prior building experience is necessary and there are options for participating the full June 30 - July 18 span or in shorter stints. Interested in joining in? Contact Carrie for more details!

Empowered Kids Building Week:

Calling all kids who love to build and create! Near La Plata, Missouri August 10-17

This week-long workshop is all about empowering your creative ideas and teaching you the steps and tools to make them a reality. Working together as a group, we will co-create a playground! Each participating kid needs to be accompanied by an adult, and there will be some fun “down time” nature and craft activities to balance our busy days together. Building workshop will be co-lead by experienced teacher-builders Cynthia Main and Julia Jack-Scott. Kid led. The future is now! No experience necessary!

Appalachian Style Broom Making: (follow the links in each named location to register!)

-With Kinlore craft in Madison, Wisconsin, September 12-14

-Sideshow Gallery in Chicago Illinois, October 3 and 4 (Link coming soon!)

-The Cabbage School in Asheville North Carolina, October 26 and 27

Weaving together now! In this class, students will weave either hand brooms, and/or their own full size traditional Appalachian style floor broom, check each site location for details and specific offerings. No experience necessary, although some manual dexterity and a beginners mind are helpful! Registration and class details are handled by the hosts, so check for details about registering by following the links with each announcement!