Home goods inspired by the timeless traditions of Appalachian crafts.

Designed and made in the rolling hills near Berea Kentucky, wooden wares are hand made, often hewn with axe and knife. Brooms are hand woven, with a non-electric process, and time and attention is paid to the details of each piece.  Wood is sustainably sourced and harvested from nearby, and locally farmed, and natural fibers inform the design process.

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sunhouse craft is the work of designer/maker Cynthia Main that allows her to combine her background as a fabricator with her strong desire to find sustainable and harmonious ways of working.  Each piece is made by hand in her Kentucky studio, weaving together crafting traditions of Appalachia, natural materials, and timeless design.  The end result are tools that bring back a sense of everyday magic into our daily work and chores.


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